my nigga rich. dat boi good. 


i can’t save the world. my sun will die eventually. one convenient part of being creative and well-resourced in life though, is that you can make a point to never be bored. oh and you can seclude yourself from the voices of fools. if you love me… when i’m done, let me vibrate in peace.


i’ve been meaning to write you more. different hotels every night aren’t so bad really. in fact- all the moving house could inspire a photo series.. not for the gram, knowing me it’s probably only for whoever controls my estate in the future and enthusiastically develops all the rolls of film i…

my random


i miss all the tension
when all this is over
i’m moving to ghana
you sus and you watching me
they used to be brown
now them contacts is green
why the fucks u finessing me
i know how many licks
it’ll take me to get
to the center of ecstasy
how come the ecstasy
only depresses me…

A Sonnet from 555


John Lowther

I don’t skinny dip I chunky dunk.
To be plain and unadorned is to be helpless and unattractive.
Relationships are forged by people who just happened to have these body parts and not the other way around.
She blacked out due to lack of oxygen but regained consciousness at…



Lana Del Rey - 5 Lolitas (What happens when you layer all four demos and the album version)

This is so sick.

This is very important to me

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do you know why feminism has a horrible image?

i’ll let you in on a secret here, it’s because people hate women

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you’re the prettiest, smartest captain of the team

i love you more than being seventeen

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